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About Us

Our designer is a female scientist, with a PhD in Microbiology who personally has endured many uncomfortable, ill-fitting, and irritating panty designs. She knew there had to be a better way! After many design hours, the revolutionary idea was born to use an organic, single-ply panel to increase breathability and comfort. 


UnderwAir is excited to announce that a portion of each sale will go towards donating our panties to various women's shelters.

About Our Design

We believe that it is time for a new type of everyday panty; one that is comfortable, breathable and takes women’s unique needs into consideration. This innovative product is UnderwAir, Breathable There. All of our panties have a single-ply organic cotton panel, lightweight fabric and are designed for comfort. Since our panty has a single-ply organic cotton panel with only one layer of fabric instead of two, our design is even more breathable than the traditional cotton panty!

Our goal is to help women feel their best, so they can be their best!


100% Fabric Guarantee

About Our Fabric

Our fabric is made with organic cotton, a natural fiber that is hypoallergenic, sustainable and breathable. Synthetic fabrics, like polyester, are manufactured from petroleum or other chemicals making them less sustainable and breathable than cotton. Cotton's spacing between its fibers aids in its breathability (the ability of a fabric to allow moisture vapor to pass through it), preventing moisture from building up next to your skin. Many doctors recommend cotton panties to their patients who have problems with infections. As noted on the CDC’s website, “Wearing cotton underwear might help reduce the chances of getting a yeast infection.” The National Vulvodynia Association also recommends white cotton underwear as a preventative measure.

Organic cotton is grown without toxic pesticides and chemicals and without GMO seeds. Research has shown that chemicals used in textile manufacturing can remain in the fabric. Researchers are still investigating what exposure to these chemicals through our skin may mean for our health. Using organic fabric makes sense for your health, for the health of the workers and the health of the environment, too!